New Derek Sherinian album

In a month`s time the new Derek Sherinian album will be released by InsideOut Music. The title of the new album is Molecular Heinosity and the cover does not seem very cool. But the music? The previous album did not convince me. I hope for a better concept in a album, not for the same old improvisation-like playing. We`ll see. The album features of course Zakk Wylde.

Track Listings
1. Antarctica (5:26)
2. Ascension (2:14)
3. Primal Eleven (7:56)
4. Wings Of Insanity (3:50)
5. Frozen By Fire (5:21)
6. The Lone Spaniard (3:08)
7. Molecular Intro (1:03)
8. Molecular Heinosity (3:28)
9. So Far Gone (7:24)

Total Time 39:50