Dinosaurs and creation

I have just read Don DeYoung’s Dinosaurs and Creation: Question and Answers and I think there are some crucial questions he did not fully addressed. Also, I have learned not to make speculative statements.

Here are some question that must receive serious answers on topics treated in this book (first the affirmation from the book then my question/comment):

– radioactive decay may have been accelerated in the past (which reduces the rocks true age). But are there any proofs that that is the case or is just a untested presupposition to fit the framework?
– apparent age may have occured at creation, curse, or flood. But is there any proof for that? And what does such a thing tell us about God? Could we be allowed to say that that is deceiving?
– is the migration of parent/daughter atom from the rock a well established fact? Examples.
– rock is not a closed system. Agree.

– the separation of continents probably happened during the year of Flood. Is there any theoretical proof? Is it enough just to throw around presuppositions? For ex.: the animation presented by Emil Silvestru – CMI Canada.
– no mountains, no deserts, no ice caps, no season change before the Flood. How could one know that? What empirical proof is there? Were the continental landforms different?
– what was the pre sun light source?
– do Genesis 1 and 2 contradict or complement each other?

– the “vapor canopy” theory must be discarded!
– the canopy doubled the air pressure to twice the value today
– Quetsalquatlus is evidence for the canopy. How?

– good 4 doubts on the Chicxulub event
– large scale erosion needs little time and a lot of water
– the sediments were laid down during the Flood
– sedimentary rock formation was controlled by tidal waves
– distinct fossil layers show ecological sorting based on animal location(now that s a scientific sentence!)
– 4 points against dino-bird evolution: the transmutation of scales to feathers, the finger digit difference, the lung structure, the eggs
– the diet needs of dinosaurs reclaims rich plants
– living fossils are evidence of Creation

– cryptozoology cannot be a challenge to evolution

– the Creation week was “obviously a time of supernatural events completely beyond our understanding”. This kind of (unproven) affirmations do great harm to the Bible because invokes a god-of-the-gaps, contradicts Genesis, contradicts the character of God, contradicts science.

– dino diet: just how did animals received supernatural adjustment of teeth structure and internal metabolism?
– fossils are testimony of supernatural creation. How?
– tar pits are post flood formations. Really? How did Noah manage to make a hydrophobe ark then?

– each dinosaur was superbly engineered for a particular lifestyle.  I would add: the power of adaptation, written in the genome and assuring its plasticity, put in the discussion enriches the study.

Rating: 6/10

Photo by LiftingShadows (C).