New “fossil” rodent found

The kha-nyou, as it is known locally, was trapped by an expedition in May. Experts say the kha-nyou [“fossil” rock rat] can trace its line to a rodent family that initial studies had suggested became extinct more than 11 million years ago. It`s scientifical name is Laonastes aenigmamus.

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It seems to me that whenever a found disturbes the phylogeny of an established familly, strange conclusions are drawn. To me the facts are quite simple: this creature prooves that it coped succesfully with environmental changes during the last “11 million years” … if it had not done that it would have certainly become extinct.

So, every new found will be chategorised as a ~living fossil~ just for the heck of it? Is this some kind of marketing strategy? Because after all, all living creatures could be named living fossils.

Sad Sad Movie

What is our final destination? If we abandon the present moment, our final destination may be our death.

We don’t want to arrive there, we want to go in the direction of life.


Zambeste trist, cu raze reci,

Sperantelor desarte,

In veci iubi-o-vei, in veci

Va ramanea departe.

S`a-tale zile or fi cum sunt,

Pustii ca niste stepe,

Iar noptile de-un farmec sfant

De nu-l mai poti pricepe

“U” Cluj in finala Cupei Challenge!!!

“U” s-a calificat in finala Challenge Cup, dupa victoria de la Zagreb cu formatia din localitate. Dupa victoria de la Cluj, handbalistele clujene au castigat si partida de la Zagreb cu 33-27.

In finala Challenge Cup, “U” Jolidon Cluj o intalneste pe Naisa Nis. Finala Cupei Challenge se va disputa pe 12/13 mai, turul – la Cluj Napoca si 19/20 mai, returul. Tragerea la sorti pentru desemnarea echipei gazda a turului a avut loc marti, 24 aprilie.


Romanian hero dies at Virginia Tech

genpic.jpgLiviu Librescu, survivor of the Holocaust and professor of Virginia Tech University, was shot to death in the asalt. His students say that the professor died trying to protect them: he barricadated the class allowing his students to escape, just before he got shoot.

He was awarded a p.m. medal [The Star of Romania] by President Basescu.

Our deepest thoughts to the famillies of the 23 victims.

Romania doubles EU`s Brown Bear population

As humans have occupied more and more land in Europe, the brown bear (Ursus arctos) has become much less common. Bears have been seen as a threat to human safety and to livestock. While bears were once found all over Europe, they are now extinct in many areas, and the main populations are now concentrated in the Carpathian and Dinaric-Pindos ranges of southeastern Europe, and in the northeast of Europe including Russia and Fennoscandia.

Now, with Romania`s accession, the brown bear population reaches a value of 13.500-16.000 individuals, of which 7.500-8.000 are inhabitants of Romanian forests.

As poaching is still a threath in the EU, please support any action that aims the protection of brown bears.




Planetarii de la PLANET X au pregatit un nou album prog. Acesta va fi lansat la InsideOut pe 21 mai, adica exact dupa Spocks`u de pe barja ukrainiana A38.

Sunt curios daca va fi o inovatie inspirata de prog fusion… de data asta!

miss you…


They said you’re in love again
And I tried to hide my pain
I was buried in my bed
With your pictures in my head

It’s not that I try to blame
It’s just kind of a rainy day
I hope you understand
I’m the one who’s left behind